Quinebaug Church

Our sister church that we share our pastor
with is located in Connecticut. Please feel
free to visit at:
768 Quinebaug Road, Rte 131
Quinebaug, CT 06262
Visit their site here
In the Business of our lives it is easy
to get pulled away from the Bible. Visit
here each day for today's Bible reading.
By the end of the year, you will have
read the whole Bible.

Calender of Events

Next week's Speaker: Children's Christmas Program
Next Board Meeting:
November 29, 2018 @ 7PM

For the rest of our
monthly events, Click here.


Each week we record our sermons and
post them here. Please let us know
if you wish to get a copy on CD.

Current Sermons     2018 Sermons
2017 Sermons         2016 Sermons
2015 Sermons

Children's Stories

Children's Story time is an intergral
part of our service. This is where we
all can learn more about the lessons
that Jesus has for us.
To here our childrens stories click here.

Special Music

Each week we give God the glory
through song worship. Here in
Worcester we are fortunate to
have a wide range of God given
voice and music talent. To go
to our special music page:
Click here.

Special Events

From time to time we enjoy special
events during our Divine Worship Hour.
These events range from special personal
guests to musical guests as well as
special seminars.

Click Here for our events page.

Men's Ministry

Here at the Worcester SDA Church
We have an active group of men who
enjoy serving the Lord. Click here
to learn the work the men do to get
closer to the Lord.

Men's Retreat at Camp Winnekeag.

Women's Ministry

The Worcester SDA is blessed to
have a group of women who are
always willing to share the Lord
with us all. Click here
to learn of their work.

Worcester SDA School

Here at the Worcester SDA Church, we offer
a 1st through 8th grade school. Our two
teachers are dedicated to give a well rounded
education to our students. To learn more,
about our school, visit here.


The home page for the Worcester
SDA Pathfinders can be found by
clicking Here

Christmas Programs

For the last few years our choir
director has led our choir through
a Christmas Cantata. To hear these
programs click the years below that
you wish to listen to.
Christmas 2018
Christmas 2017
Christmas 2016

Mission Projects

The Worcester SDA Church currently
has two missions that our members
have dedicated their time and energy
towards. Click on the links below
to visit the respective pages.

Dendi Mission

Philippine Mission

A Lesson in Job

The book of Job can offer so many
lessons for living. Come to this page
to go through a series of talks on Job.

Spring Cantata 2018

This year the Spring Cantata was an
extra special event. The Worcester
SDA choir was joined by the Boylston
1st Congregational choir. The event
was performed at both churches and we
all were so blessed by a joined service.

Click here to be brought to the Spring
Cantata Page to hear the music.