Job - A Man of Heroic Endurance

Part 1-ACharles Swindoll Setting the Stage for Disaster
Part 1-BCharles Swindoll Reeling & Recovering from Devistating News
Part 2-ACharles Swindoll Satan VS Job Round 2
Part 2-BCharles Swindoll Job's Advice to Friends and Husbands
Part 3-ACharles Swindoll The Mournful Wail of a Miserable Man
Part 3-BCharles Swindoll Responding to Bad Council
Part 4-ACharles Swindoll Continuing the Verbal Fistfight
Part 4-BCharles Swindoll Continuing the Verbal Fistfight
Part 5-ACharles Swindoll Graceless Words for a Grievos Man
Part 5-BCharles Swindoll Reassuring Hope for the Assaulted and Abused
Part 6-ACharles Swindoll Responding Wisely When Falsely Accused
Part 6-BCharles Swindoll How to Handle Criticism with Class
Part 7-ACharles Swindoll Recommitment to Things that Matter
Part 7-BCharles Swindoll The Futility of Unscrewing the Inscrewable
Part 8-ACharles Swindoll The Passionate Testimony of an Innocent Man
Part 8-BCharles Swindoll Another Long Winded Monologue
Part 9-ACharles Swindoll A Penetrating Reproof from the Almighty
Part 9-BCharles Swindoll Full Repentence for all the Right Reasons
Part 10-ACharles Swindoll Finally God's Justice Rolls Down
Part 10-BCharles Swindoll And Job Lived Happily Ever After...Or Did He?
Part 11-ACharles Swindoll What Job Teaches Us About Ourselves
Part 11-BCharles Swindoll What Job Teaches Us About God

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