Children's Stories - 2020/2021

October 10, 2020, Pastor Hakes Fishing for Jesus

Novemner 28, 2020, Pastor Hakes Jimmy at Thanksgiving

December 12, 2020, Pastor Hakes Brook and Her Puzzle

January 16, 2021, Elder Paul Williams Tommy and His Trombone

January 30, 2021, Lenu Williams Jenny Learns Obedience

February 13, 2021, Pastor Jim Hakes Timmy and his Joke

February 20, 2021, Lenue Williams A Shepard for Us All

February 27, 2021, Pastor Hakes A Lesson in Prayer

March 13, 2021, Pastor Hakes Johnny and his Cast

March 27, 2021, Pastor Hakes Jeneane and Her Chores

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