Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat?” Of course you have, we all have.

Like so many people we have had our struggles in the area of food and eating. Some things we eat are good for us while others are not so good. Ever notice that the things that seem to taste the best are not always the best for us?

As Adventists, we are committed to eating better for a healthier and longer life. We know that the Bible has instructions for us to use. We are not here to lecture or write papers on the subject. Neither are we dieticians or medical doctors. We are just followers of the health message from the Bible. We are people with our own medical issues just like you.

We believe that prayer, diet and excercise can clear up our health issues. By setting the stage early in life we hope to live a long life together. We also believe we are honoring the temple God has given us.

We are sharing our recipies and experiences here in the hopes to give others shared knowledge. But we also ask you to share your experiences and recipes with us. In this way you will help us as well. In time there will be fields added where we will ask you to recommend your favorite vegetarian and / or vegan recipies. We will be glad to pass along, through this site, your recipes.

When it comes to exercise we know that everyone is a little different. We are all at different stages in our life so some things work better than others. Please share what kind of excercise program works best for you.

God Bless, good health and good eating.