Each of the following Sermons were streamed onto the Church Facebook page. We have been able to upload each to YouTube. Click each topic and it will bring you to the respective YouTube clip. Just below the video you will be able to click the 'Subscribe' button. When you do, you will receive notifications when new material from the Worcester Church has been uploaded to YouTube.

If you have any other ideas of videos we can create to carry God's message, please see our AV team.

April 4, 2020, Kathleen Fitzgibbons
- The courier

April 11, 2020, Pastor Hakes
Feeling Small

April 18, 2020, Paul Williams
Setting the Table

April 25, 2020, Pastor Hakes
Big Plans

May 2, 2020, Joseph Kamau
What Manner of Man is This?

May 9, 2020, Pastor Hakes
Starting at the Beginning

May 16, Paul Williams
The Economics of Security

May 23, 2020, Pastor Hakes

May 30, Kathleen Fitzgibbons
Google Earth: Up Close
and Personal

June 6, 2020, Brad Senckowski
As the Wind Blows

June 13, 2020, Pastor Hakes
How Should I Be a Blessing?

June 20, Maryanne Nwachuku
Choosing to Lead

June 27, Pastor Jim Hakes
Welcome Home Children

July 4, 2020, Paul Williams
No Justice, No Peace

July 11, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes
The Woe Chronicle

July 18, 2020, Clive Goring
Support Your Neighbor

July 25, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes

August 1, 2020, Elder Devon Shand
A Present Help

August 8, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes
Committed to Young People

August 15, 2020, Kathleen Fitzgibbons
Before He was a Carpenter>

If you wish to have any of the sermons on CD please contact
Tom Stevens at webmaster@worcestersda.net

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