Sermons 2020

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January 4, 2020, Brad Senckowski Children of the Heavenly Father

January 11, 2020 Pastor Hakes When the Subject Isn't the Subject

January 18, 2010, Paul Williams O Let Me Walk with Thee

January 25, 2020, Pastor Hakes A Diligent & Grateful Heart

February 1, 2020, Dustin Cook What Dying Has Taught Me About Living

February 8, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes Who Do You Think You Are?

February 15, 2020, IL Voce, Click, here to go to the Events Page for pictures and music from that day.

February 22, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes How Could They Be So Lucky?

February 29, 2020, Juliet Willis Looking for the Waymarks

March 7, 2020, Bryan Johndro Stand for Something

March 14, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes The Showdown

March 21, 2020, Kathleen Fitzgibbons For the Love of the Sabbath

March 28, 2020 Pastor Hakes A Study in 1 Peter

April 4, 2020, Kathleen Fitzgibbons The Courier

April 11, 2020, Pastor Hakes Feeling Small

April 18, 2020, Paul Williams Setting the Table

April 25, 2020, Pastor Hakes Big Plans

May 2, 2020, Joseph Kamau What Manner of Man is This?

May 9, 2020, Pastor Hakes Starting at the Beginning

May 16, Paul Williams The Economics of Security

May 23, 2020, Pastor Hakes Signs

May 30, Kathleen Fitzgibbons Google Earth: Up Close and Personal

June 6, 2020, Brad Senckowski As the Wind Blows

June 13, 2020, Pastor Hakes How Should I Be a Blessing?

June 20, Maryanne Nwachuku Choosing to Lead

June 27, Pastor Jim Hakes Welcome Home Children

July 4, 2020, Paul Williams No Justice, No Peace

July 11, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes The Woe Chronicle

July 11, 2020, Baptism Joey & Luis

July 18, 2020, Clive Goring Support Your Neighbor

July 25, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes Faith

August 1, 2020, Devon Shand A Present Help

August 8, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes Committed to Young People

August 15, 2020, Kathleen Fitzgibbons Before He was a Carpenter

August 22, 2020, Pastor Jim Hakes Why I am a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian

August 29, 2020, Elder Joseph Kamau Broken to be Made Whole

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