Christmas 2016 Program

On January 7, 2017 we were blessed by our very own Church choir. The music was originally scheduled for December 17, but alas, as hearty New Englanders, we know how weather can often be against us.

However, under the direction and dedication of Sharon Blair and the Grace of God, we heard a musical story of the birth of Jesus. Dr. Roger Bothwell, once again, gave us time to help with Narration. Not only did our choir and Sharon work hard, many more hands behind the scenes were present to make the day special.

We are truely blessed at the Worcester church for the talents that God has bestowed on so many of the member.

Song OneWorcester SDA Choir The Gift Goes On
Song TwoWorcester SDA Choir Joyful Medley
Song ThreeWorcester SDA Choir Christmas Star
Song FourWorcester SDA Choir The Presence of Glory
Song FiveLenu Williams - Soloist Isn't He
Song SixWorcester SDA Choir Rose of Bethlehem
Song SevenWorcester SDA Choir All Rise
Song EightWorcerster SDA Choir The Final Gift
Song NineWorcester SDA Choir Joy to the World