2023 Easter Cantata

On April 8, 2023, after a 3 year hiatus from a Cantata due to Covid, our Choir returned in a God Given fashion. The Passion was told again in the form of narration and song. Everyone in attendance was blessed by our choir.

Much thanks needs to be given to Sharon Blair and our choir for their hard work and time given to the glory of God.

We are truely blessed at the Worcester church for the talents that God has bestowed on so many of the members.

Song OneChildren's Story - Marilyn Ravina The Songbird
Song TwoWorcester SDA Choir We Behold His Glory
Song ThreeWorcester SDA Choir Son of Heaven, Shine
Song FourWorcester SDA Choir Anoint the Lord with Worship
Song FiveWorcester SDA Choir This is My Body Broken for You
Song SixWorcester SDA Choir O Sacred Journey
Song SevenWorcester SDA Choir What Man is This?
Song EightWorcerster SDA Choir Behold the Body
Song NineWorcester SDA Choir Behold the Lamb
Song TenWorcester SDA Choir We are the Body of Christ
Song ElevenWorcester SDA Choir He Lives